Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Dreaming Again

     Its nothing but an average morning as I rest quietly on my overly worn couch trying to ease the restlessness from my legs by letting the nearby fan billow away on them. It doesn't help and causes an uncomfortable chill to settle in everywhere yet I'm reluctant to turn it off. The darkness presses in and the only light available protrudes from a little computer screen. Right in front of me, a ghost can be seen silhouetted up against the backdrop of the big screen TV. She sits there quiet and mimicking me. Whenever I stretch she will do the same. I try to make a game out of it but soon tire wishing I could go back to sleep.
     Our hound dog also waits patiently for the kids to leave for school so he can sneak in their bedrooms and take over an unused bed. It grows ever colder and still I'm too stubborn to turn off the fan. Instead a blanket wraps me, even to the point of covering the top of my head. Still it would be a comical sight to see only my face popping out of a blanket of shimmering green.
     I am now the green witch of the fabled blue flower field. I gard and protect it from strange unseen things that drift close by. The nagging children of the giants are my greatest fear. The always linger and are ready to snatch anything that isn't tied down. They steal my homemade makeup that is lovingly created from the flowers that cover my grove. Their thoughts of playtime are to crush the undergrowth as they run in and out while I try to come up with a solution to my distress.
     A light emerges in the distance and I know they have started another fire. If something isn't done, it will burn down my livelihood. Summoning all my strength, I call upon the spirit of my garden stream for help. He is the majestic Nomiwatta and thankfully will help me protect all that is precious. The flowers are all that I have left and I will not let them be destroyed. One mighty swing from his scaled fin and a towering wall of water crashes down on the unsuspecting troublemakers and their destructive fires. The vandals run off into the night and I consider building a fence. It would have to be a strong one made out of the tallest trees and able to withstand fire. I know where to get them but the price is steep and only the blade of the Grim Reaper would be strong enough to cut them down. It would mean a quest. Am I up for that? Perhaps after a short nap. Zzzzzzzz

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