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Aborted Fetal Tissue Used to Test New Food Additives

Aborted Fetal Tissue Used to Test New Food Additives

Little Adeline Kinder Chapter 4

Chapter 4
       Since it had been well past Lourie’s nap time she ended up falling asleep on Adeline’s shoulder while the girls were arguing. “Thank you Jesus, that’s one less thing I’ve got to tend to” she thought as she passed the walnut tree right outside the haunted shack they all called home.
       Adeline’s shoulder had become sore and sticky while holding her baby sister. She trudged on to the house and opened the door knowing it would be cooler inside thanks to a blanket of tree’s that encased their dwelling.
       Walking past the stove, she maneuvered around their family table and entered mom and dad’s bedroom at the back of the house. The house had gotten a little stuffy but it was tolerable. Adeline carefully pulled off Lourie’s sun dress and quietly changed her cloth diaper. She would have liked to open a window for her but that would just let the bugs in. Then scooping up the soiled cloth, she exited the room to toss it in a laundry bucket they kept on the front porch right by the washing machine.
       Momma had already finished most of the laundry early that morning and had it hanging on the line to dry. Entering the house again, she went to the kitchen to see what could be fixed for supper. It was a small kitchen. Mostly used for storing dishes and food. Adeline passed the well box and the troublesome cabinet that they kept their dishes in. This was the same cabinet that liked to make a lot of noise when no one was in there. At least it was being quiet today.
       Looking into the food pantry, all she could find was some flour, lard and some butter. Momma had been planning on harvesting some of the bean herself to fix for supper. This was a problem since Adeline doubted that her sisters would bring back any beans early enough to have supper at a decent hour. Her sister’s would forget about the time and not be in till dusk.
       Hanging her head she asked herself “What am I going to do Lord?”
       As she thought, there was a scratching at the front door. It was too soft to hear at first but gradually got louder. It wasn’t until the cat started meowing that she was snapped back into reality. Kitty wanted in for his nap as well.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Little Adeline Kinder Chapter 3

Due to job hunting this week, our free read has been slightly delayed. At last I now have the time to continue my story.

Chapter 3
       Adeline was only about seven at the time. Geraldine was the oldest at about 12, and Delphine and Laura were somewhere in-between. Walking through the gaggle of Sassafras trees cut off the cool flowing breeze and the humidity level began rising. The sisters were accustomed to this.
       It was Adeline who indicated that life in the holler could get dangerous while trekking through the bramble and saplings. “Don’t go that way Delphine and nobody get too close to that big rotten stump. I’m a smellin’ cucumber and you know what momma says about that. There’s a rattler somewhere.
       While yanking out a sassafras sapling, Laura’s foot slid on a patch of slippery moss and landed on her side. Out of irritation she snapped at Adeline. “At least we won’t have a gaggle of admirers hanging all over you today. I’ve seen the way you’ve been looking at Frankie Buckner. Heard you calling his name last night in your sleep too. Bet you’d wish Frankie would come an visit too.”
       “Momma says Jesus doesn’t like us teasin’ each other like that” indicated Adeline as she quickly ducked her head to keep from getting hit by Delphine throwing an old acorn.
       “Stop it, momma says I’m in charge since I’m the oldest,” stormed Geraldine stopping everyone in their tracks in front of the family cemetery.
       “Here we go again with the, I’m the oldest lecture,” moans Laura.
       “Keep it up and you’ll wake up to find your knickers filled with beans an poking you right in the rear,” replied Geraldine as she smacked her sister across the head causing the auburn pony tail to tilt lopsided.
       “That hurt you prat. I’m gonna tell mom when she gets home.”
       “Little good it’ll do ya. Now, we need a plan for the night. The fields are full of ripe beans with no one to harvest them an someone needs to look after Lourie. 
       “I’ll look after Lourie,” yawns Laura while looking for a place to sit down and rest for a spell.
       “No way,” shoots Delphine. “You’ll just take a nap an Lourie will be soaked by the time we get back. I’ll stay and watch the house.”
       “Then we’ll all starve since everything that’s cooked by you comes out hard as a rock” Laura spats back.
       “Adeline will watch Lourie and tend to the house while the rest of you will help in the fields. That’s the way mom and dad would work things out” implies Geraldine with a strong hint of finality and authority in her tone.
       “But wait, what am I gonna fix for supper? Momma hadn’t been shoppin yet” pleads Adeline.
       “You’re the one who’s always going around saying that the Lord will provide. Go and ask him.” Then grabbing Delphine and Laura’s arm, Geraldine walks off with her sisters to the barn to so they can get ready to tend the fields.

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Free Read Saturday Night

Dreamtimereaders presents
Chapter Two
Copyright June 19, 2011 By L. E. Leonard
Available on Amazon, Kindle and 
$1.50 downloadable version only 
Chapter 2
       The postman Bill Hearty stood by a little white schoolhouse relaying his tale of one very bad delivery to the teacher. School was out due to summer break and a great deal of young adults had gathered for the afternoon ball game at the baseball diamond.
“I tells ya, was the scariest day of me life. There was a hurricane fast aproachin’ an I was needin’ some shelter. Since them Kinder’s were out-o-town, I didn’t figure they’d mind if’n I’d wait out the storm in their house.”
       “I musta been there fer about twenty minutes or more drying off when there was some huge crash. Scared the living daylights out of me it did and sounded as though a whole cabinet full o dishes had fallen over. I could hear the glass shatter an even the sound of tin pans and lids spinnin’ an making that clattering noise.”
       “So what did you do Bill? …Dale, stop trying to look up Alice’s knickers before I tell yer pa.”
       “Well I went to see what-in-tarnation had happened an…”
       “The house was in order. No broken dishes an nothing out o place, just some squeaking varmint runnin’ across the hard wood floors. O bout the same time them horses of mine started whining. I’d always thought them Kinder’s moved in too close to that cemetery across the way. My beating heart couldn’t take too much more o’ that so I scurried on out of there. Hurricane or not my horses got me and the mail wagon clear across the county in less than a half-an-hour.”
       “That’s very amusing Bill but please remember, the proper term for those kind of storms are tornadoes and not hurricanes.”
       “Ever since my family settled here it’s been called a hurricane an I’m not changing it now.”
       Frantic an out-of-breath, Delphine Kinder ran up to the teacher interrupting their conversation. She was sweating from head to toe and was obviously concerned about something.
       “Teach, teach, ma’s going to jail an pa’s out of town. What are we gonna do?
       “Calm down Delphine, you need to calm down.” After letting her catch her breath she continued even though the tales were a little out of the ordinary today. “Now tell me what happened.”
       After grabbing a handkerchief and wiping her moist and dirty face she added, “Ma got into an argument with our neighbor yesterday an went an threw a rock at her. I’m guessing she cracked one of her ribs. I don’t think our neighbor appreciated it all that much cause she done went an told the sheriff on Ma.”
       Over by the baseball diamond, three more shadowy figures emerged at the top of the hill. Geraldine, Laura Ada, and Adeline Kinder were making their way to town as well. Adeline who was seven at the time had been walking slightly lopsided. She was carrying her sister Lourie the baby.
       Laura Ada had been sobbing as Geraldine, the oldest of the girls called out to the clustered group and waving. She was flashing a crisp sheet of paper as she called. “We need to get a hold of Pa Mrs. Harris, it’s an emergency.”
       Clearly agitated by now, Mrs. Harris slapped her hand on her hip and protested. “You mean to tell me that our new sheriff dragged your momma away and left you girls to fend for yourself?”
       “Can you call our pa for us?” Adeline pleaded while whipping strawberry curls from her eyes and bouncing Laurie on her hip.
Geraldine added “he’s somewhere in the next state over working but he left a phone number for emergencies. Ma told us where to find it before being dragged away.” Laura Ada held back another sob and wiped her nose with the sleeve of her dress.
“I’ll be happy to help and while you girls are waiting, you should go back home and clean up. I can stop by tonight to check on you but only after the sheriff and I exchange a few words.”
“Are you gonna yell at him for us?” Laura Ada added.
“Don’t you worry about that just head on home and take care of each other till you dad gets back.”
       Geraldine indicated that they should take the short cut through the woods.

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Dreamtimereaders: Dreaming Again

Dreamtimereaders: Dreaming Again: Its nothing but an average morning as I rest quietly on my overly worn couch trying to ease the restlessness from my legs by letting th...

Dreaming Again

     Its nothing but an average morning as I rest quietly on my overly worn couch trying to ease the restlessness from my legs by letting the nearby fan billow away on them. It doesn't help and causes an uncomfortable chill to settle in everywhere yet I'm reluctant to turn it off. The darkness presses in and the only light available protrudes from a little computer screen. Right in front of me, a ghost can be seen silhouetted up against the backdrop of the big screen TV. She sits there quiet and mimicking me. Whenever I stretch she will do the same. I try to make a game out of it but soon tire wishing I could go back to sleep.
     Our hound dog also waits patiently for the kids to leave for school so he can sneak in their bedrooms and take over an unused bed. It grows ever colder and still I'm too stubborn to turn off the fan. Instead a blanket wraps me, even to the point of covering the top of my head. Still it would be a comical sight to see only my face popping out of a blanket of shimmering green.
     I am now the green witch of the fabled blue flower field. I gard and protect it from strange unseen things that drift close by. The nagging children of the giants are my greatest fear. The always linger and are ready to snatch anything that isn't tied down. They steal my homemade makeup that is lovingly created from the flowers that cover my grove. Their thoughts of playtime are to crush the undergrowth as they run in and out while I try to come up with a solution to my distress.
     A light emerges in the distance and I know they have started another fire. If something isn't done, it will burn down my livelihood. Summoning all my strength, I call upon the spirit of my garden stream for help. He is the majestic Nomiwatta and thankfully will help me protect all that is precious. The flowers are all that I have left and I will not let them be destroyed. One mighty swing from his scaled fin and a towering wall of water crashes down on the unsuspecting troublemakers and their destructive fires. The vandals run off into the night and I consider building a fence. It would have to be a strong one made out of the tallest trees and able to withstand fire. I know where to get them but the price is steep and only the blade of the Grim Reaper would be strong enough to cut them down. It would mean a quest. Am I up for that? Perhaps after a short nap. Zzzzzzzz

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Dreamtimereaders: Ready For Fall

Dreamtimereaders: Ready For Fall: I'd say that this is a good start to the week. Mainly because I not only was in a great mood tonight, I wasn't in pain either. And no...

Ready For Fall

     I'd say that this is a good start to the week. Mainly because I not only was in a great mood tonight, I wasn't in pain either. And now, I can relax in my nightie and jam away the rest of the evening to "She fuckin hates me." It really is a good toon to work out to. I'll just sit here swinging my five pound dumb bells and thrash my hair. Still I don't advise anyone to try this at home considering there is a good possibility that you could smack you head and have a concussion.  Lets face it, if your stuck in the hospital recuperating, it would totally blow a good workout down the toilet. So just be careful folks.
     I can't be up all night but I'm really in the mood for a midnight walk. The weather is getting that eery fall coolness about it. Soon the leaves will be bursting full of color and the wind moaning to an autumn storm. The perfect time for a cup of hot tea and a story from H. P. Lovecraft. Ah, I can't wait. The biggest thing on my mind right now is that I need to find another job. Cooking is OK but after doing it steady for the last thirteen years, I need something different. I would love to keep volunteering to help out with Romance Writers of America, and I haven't given up on them, I just need to make a career change in my day job first. Besides I've still got to finish my first romance novel and be ready to start the next one by November. I'd really like to get a badge from Nano this year and I have a project set aside just for that purpose. Time to listen to some more music so peace out from Dreamtimereaders and enjoy the rest of the night.
      This Saturday night, I will have chaper two available on my blog for "Little Adeline Kinder" so watch for the posting.

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Free Read Saturday Night

Dreamtimereaders presents


Chapter One

Copyright June 19, 2011 By L. E. Leonard
Available on Amazon, Kindle and 
$1.50 downloadable version only

Thank you Grandma for sharing your story with me!

Chapter 1
          Grandma Andrew’s stories of God and how the Spirit has worked in her life have always brought comfort and hope to those that would listen. Even now as her grandchildren are grown and have families of their own, we still gather on special occasions to find out what has happened during our time apart.
       It is during this window of opportunity that I find myself pestering her about her past, for it is our families past as well.
       At her birth, this baby girl was given the name Ellen Adeline Kinder. Everyone referred to her as little Adeline. She grew up in Brown County, Kentucky somewhere in the Appalachia region. In the early 1900’s this was one of the poorest regions in Kentucky.
       If some of the old folk were still around they would describe her as a pint-sized angel. Young ladies and curious neighbors would gather at her bedside during naptime to watch Adeline sleep. Those tight reddish blond curls cascading down from the top of her head and onto her dimpled rosy cheek wooed all the visitors into sighing with envy.
       To her it was disorienting to wake up to a room full of strangers staring at her but she muddled through it somehow.
       Today when we see her, grandma will sit in the kitchen chair by mom’s big window and ask us “Did you know God provided our supper through a cat once?”
       “He did what?” we would say starring back at her in amazement.
       “That’s what I said” she continued while adjusting a few of the bobby pins that held together the bun on the back of her head.
       “It was about the year 1933 I think and we were still living in the haunted house in Brown County. I believe it was the same year that we lost Frankie Buckner.”
       “Who was that?”
       “He was just a local boy about sixteen years old. Our favorite thing to do was play baseball. There was a big hill over by the school that we regularly used for the games. Frankie died on Halloween while making a home run. He slid into home base and never got up. But anyways…”
       My mother suddenly interrupts our conversation by picking up the dinner plates and asking “does anyone want cake?”
       After sipping a drink of peach tea, I turn back to grandma still curious and ask her to tell about the haunted house and encourage her to finish the story. The swooshing of the wind and patter of rain send chills down my arms. A streak of light stretching across an overcast sky transports my mind miles away. Over highways, streams, wooded hills, and back in time my imagination soars.

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Health Discoveries - Health News - National News - African Mango Irvingia Gabonensis - Weight Loss Medical Miracle? - Home

Health Discoveries - Health News - National News - African Mango Irvingia Gabonensis - Weight Loss Medical Miracle? - Home

Weekend News

This gorgeous Friday night  ended with a glorious red crescent moon hanging over the tree tops. No picture  that I've come across can fully capture the true beauty of such a wonderful sight. I do have one question though. A night like tonight makes the blood boil. It heightens the senses and brings out unnatural thoughts. Since the moon isn't full, all the harry beast are still tucked away in their burrows but there time is coming soon. Anyways, remember to lock your doors tonight and hang those strings of garlic over the doors and windows. There is an unnatural chill sweeping through the air and it's not pleasant. We should have seen it coming but where too busy. The young teacher hanging from the school flag post should have been enough to get our attention but there was shopping to be done and people to see. The little girl who was stabbed repeatedly in the neck at an abandoned farm house should have jolted us from our couch and caused us to at least spill the popcorn. We kept on watching that scary move and didn't even flinch. Remember, they like to surprise us when we least expect it. This is Dreamtimetimereaders quoting Elvira as she says "Good night and pleasant nightmares."